Steve Krase: Harp Ace

Dubbed "Houston's fire-breathing dragon" by the Blueshound from 90.1 KPFT radio, Steve Krase (rhymes with ACE) plays live in the Greater Houston area venues.

His new CD "Some Day" was put together with award winning talent, such as James Henry, "Spare Time" Murray, and guest appearances by Tommie Lee Bradley on vocals and Eric Demmer on saxophone.

CD features hard hitting lyrics with a twist, with influences by The J Geils Band, Wilko Johnson, and the antics of Pub Rockers "Dr. Feelgood."


Steve Krase Bio

Steve was born in Brooklyn NY and has spent time in Ohio, California and Louisiana. Now almost 20 years in Houston, Steve has blended his high energy style with the soulful vibe that runs through the great city of Houston.

Steve spent 10 years as the harp man for the legendary Houston band Jerry Lightfoot and The Essentials. After the Essentials broke up Steve spent a few years as a sideman with Matt Leddy & The Meatcutters before forming Steve Krase & The In Crowd. Steve Krase & The In Crowd were winners of the 2004 and 2005 International Blues Challenge, moving on to the finals in Memphis both years.

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